Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio


Daisie was our third Siberian Husky, and our first AKC Pedigree.  She came to us in July of 2008.  We quickly learned that her personality was a bit different than Holly and Brutus.  She was more moody, aggressive (toward other animals only), and domineering.  Daisie and Holly have always seemed to be in competition with each other over human attention.  If one is getting it, the other comes running.  Unlike Holly, Daisie has a desire to be a lapdog.  If anyone sits down, and Daisie is present, she comes running to hop up on your lap.  Daisie is a very athletic dog, but isn’t as bold as some of the others.  She is very good on a leash, but will NOT get on the trampoline.  We’ve tried to put her there, but she behaves as if there is an earthquake.  Daisie talks more than the average Siberian Husky.  She loves to howl, and is very recognizable.  Our Siberian Huskies have distinct sounds and methods of communication.  Where Holly doesn’t talk much, and has a low grumble when she wants someone’s attention, Daisie will howl in a high pitched tone.  Even when someone standing right next to her, she will lightly howl to “talk” to them. 

After 4 litters and 37 puppies, Daisie is now retired.  She enjoys life in the house, and absolutely loves her crate!  Her daughters, Nadia and Phoenix, will continue her bloodline. 

Update 9-15-15:
Daisie unfortunately lost her battle to cancer on 9-15-15 at the age of 7.  She will forever live on in our hearts!  Rest in Peace Daisie.

Name: Daisie Mae -- Namesake is Lil’ Abner’s girlfriend from the old comic strip. Also the spring/summer flower “Daisy” since she was born in the spring.

Born:  5-12-08

Died:  9-15-15, age 7

Weight:  51 lbs.

Color:  Black/Charcoal Gray and White

Eyes:  Blue

Pedigree:  AKC  Purebred Siberian Husky