Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio


Mylah came to us as a "rescue" in October of 2014.  Her original owners bought her as a puppy, and were unable to keep her contained.  After they contacted us, and we discussed it with them, we discovered she was actually Miya's half sister, from the same mother.  That breeder moved out of the area, so Mylah's owners contacted us.  Normally, if we take in a rescue, it is with the intent of re-homing.   We decided to keep Mylah, because of her relation to Miya as well as her age. (only 9 months at time of pick-up)  She had not been spayed, so after determining she fit in well, we decided to keep her.  Miya has produced wondeful puppies over the last few years, and Mylah seems to have a similar personality.  The familiarity made this decision a "no-brainer"! 

Ironically, Mylah was actually named "Miya" by her original owners!  We didn't want to have 2 "Miyas", so we altered the name slightly and came up with "Mylah".  It seems to fit well with her. 
She is fitting in very well.  She certainly is never shy about wanting our attention.  She is always at the front of the line for love and affection!  
She is definitely a fan of food, and does NOT like to share! She is not a big fan of the water, but does play well with most of the others.  She has been a great addition to the pack!

Update 2018:  Mylah was re-located to our friend's "retirement home", to live out her golden years.  She is enjoying her new home and family!

Name:  Mylah – Originally named "Miya", but we altered it slightly since we already have a Miya. :-)

Born:  1-2014

Weight:  53 lbs.

Color:  Black and White

Eyes:  Blue, with a slight area of brown in her right eye.

Pedigree:  AKC  Purebred Siberian Husky

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