Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio


In March of 2010, we found Aleu.  By this time, we decided that expanding the pack was going to continue to be an integral part of our future plans.  We decided to look for a red and white, since we had some individuals inquiring on red and white puppies.   Aleu was a happy active and vibrant puppy and fit in well with our pack.   Aleu does not have AKC papers so therefore she is non-registered. We were told her parents have AKC papers but we never received her papers. 

Aleu has calmed down a bit from her hyperactive puppy stage. She still loves playing in the mud and splashing around in the kiddie pool.  She is very vocal in voicing her displeasure about anything from not being let out to play first to being weaned from her puppies.  Of all of our mother’s, she is by far the toughest to wean from her puppies.  She is a very good and protective mother, and does not like anyone handling her puppies.

Update 2017:  Aleu was re-located to our friend's "retirement home", to live out her golden years.  She is enjoying her new home and family!

Name:  Aleu – named for a character in the cartoon movie “Balto”

Born:  12-18-09

Weight:  48 lbs.

Color:  Red and White

Eyes:  Amber

Pedigree:  Non registered

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