Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio


Brutus was our second Siberian Husky, and our first purebred.  He is our largest, weighing in at almost 70lbs!  Brutus is not as playful as Holly, but is still as friendly as a dog could be.  As is typical with all Huskies, Brutus loves, and even craves “human touch”.  Even just a pat on the head is something he loves as often as possible.  Many folks, after seeing all of our Huskies, have told us they like Brutus the best.  They love that friendly and calm demeanor. 

Update 11-26-12:

Tragically, Brutus died from a digestive tract malfunction.  He was 4 years old.  He will greatly be missed, and will live on in our memory.  RIP Brutus.

Name:  Brutus  (Named after Ohio State mascot “Brutus Buckeye”)

Weight:  69 lbs.

Color:  Gray and White

Eyes: Ice Blue

Pedigree:  Continental Kennel Club Registered   

Born:  2/4/08 

Died: 11/17/12