Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio


Chance is from Holly and Kallen's litter from 2013.  He was one of a litter of 10, and at first seemed normal.  As they grew, and reached the age of 4 weeks or so, we began the weaning process.  This is when we realized Chance had issues.  He would vomit up anything solid he would eat.  He grew fine to this point, because he does just fine on liquids.  When solid food was introduced, even the soft canned food, he would vomit it back up.  A visit to the vet and an x-ray later, it was determined that he had a band wrapped around his esophagus which constricted it almost completely.  Since that time, Chance has had surgery to correct the problem, but still remains on a semi-liquid diet (milkshake consistency).  Chance is a very active and courageous husky.  He gets into everything, and we have to watch him closely so he doesn't eat anything solid.  On several occasions, he has almost choked on solid foods that he was not supposed to eat. 
Today, he is as spoiled as they come, and we have affectionately nick-named him "Crackhead" after his father Kallen, since he has the same very free-spirited and fun-loving mentality.  He loves any type of food, and has been taught to do several tricks including shake, sit, lay down, hi-five and double hi-five.  He is very vocal, and loves to argue and talk back.  His favorite game is tug-O-war, whether playing with a rolled up newspaper or a stick.

Name:  Chance (chosen after we posted a request for suggestions) It represents his second chance at life.

Weight: 40 lbs.

Color:  Black and White

Eyes:  Brown

Pedigree:  Non-registered Purebred Siberian Husky

Born:  2-6-13

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