Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio


Here, we will focus on both Demon and Denali, since they are brothers, their stories are similar.   In February of 2009, we started looking to expand the pack by adding another male.  We wanted to stay with AKC, and in our searches we found Denali and Demon.   We were actually looking for a black and white Husky, and found Demon.  When we went to pick him up, we discovered that an all-white Husky was also available.  Even though it was never our intent, we decided we couldn’t leave without both.  Without going into too much detail, I will say that we felt the need to “rescue” them both from their current situation and conditions.  To this day, we feel as if the conditions they were in contributed to them both having a “standoffish” behavior. 

While we feel both are much happier, Demon still seems like a loner.  Denali has for the most part overcome his past, but he still has anxieties that are uncommon to a Husky.  He refuses to be leashed.  Demon was that way also at one time, but has learned to trust us.  Denali must be carried from point A to point B if the area is not fenced.  (which isn’t easy because he is almost 70 lbs!) 

Denali has become a much more reliable stud, and had fathered multiple litters.  Demon has fathered 4, but has proven to be less reliable.  We are very close to making the decision to go ahead and fix Demon, for a couple of different reasons.  First, as stated, he is less reliable than Kallen or Denali.  Second, he seems to take a back seat to them both and our thinking is he would enjoy life more if that “competition” wasn’t there.  Lastly, he does make a good stall mate for any female and would be good to pair up with one if they are in heat and we are skipping their cycle.  Whenever a female is in heat and we skip that cycle, (we skip every other cycle) they currently have to be alone in their stall.  They really don’t  like being alone!

Despite all of their past issues, Demon and Denali seem to enjoy life.  Especially now that we come to understand their quirks. 


Denali passed away on 8-12-17, just a couple months shy of his 9th birthday, of natural causes.  He will be greatly missed!  His calm, loving demeanor was what set him apart from our other males.  He was the father of many litters, and had produced a number of wonderful puppies!

Name:  Denali – Means “The Great One”

Born:  11-24-08

Died:  8-12-17

Weight:  68 lbs.

Color:  White, with a few black points

Eyes:  Blue

Pedigree:  AKC  Purebred Siberian Husky

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