Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio


Nadia's story is very special.  Since she is now over six years old, her story is sometimes forgotten.  She is the daughter of Daisie and Denali, born 11-22-12.  The litter was very large, with 10 puppies in all.  When litters are that big, it's not uncommon to have small puppies, or even runts.  In most cases unfortunately, a runt won't survive.  We have had runts in the past, but none of them had enough fight in them to get them through the first few days.   This was for a variety of different reasons.  Sometimes, they weren't developed enough to be able to eat anything, while other times they can but are pushed away by their litter mates.  We intervene and do what we can, but they normally won't take milk from a bottle and must have some fight in them to survive.  Which brings us to Nadia.  Nadia was a runt.  At birth, she was less than half the size of her litter mates.  We felt she wouldn't survive based on past experience.  But Nadia was different.  We noticed quickly that she had a lot of fight.  While we intervened when we could and helped her nurse, we also relied of her to fight her way in and get the milk she needed.  Fight she did!  We watched at times just to see how she would do, and noticed her pushing, squirming, kicking, and clawing her way into the nipples. 

After watching her and helping her fight for her life, Nadia became special to us, and it didn't take long for us to decide she was going to stay with us. 

As she grew, her feistiness shined through.  We decided she would remain in the house with us along with Akira.  Immediately she took charge.  In the beginning, she decided which bowl to eat from and Akira then takes the other.  Of course now she has met her match with Chance, and they are two peas in a pod.  With all the issues Chance has, we tend to lose sight of Nadia's fight.  There was never anything physically wrong with her.  She was simply very small.  Today she weighs in at around 40 lbs, and will probably remain there her entire life.

Nadia look and acts a lot like her mother, Daisie.  They both have a high pitched howl, and both have a desire to be a lap dog, and crave human attention.  Nadia will search out an open lap and do her best to get up there.  She will lay there as long as you let her.  She and Chance have become best buds, but she also really enjoys the company of all of them when they come out to play.  Nadia likes spending her days in the house, sleeping on her bed or stealing Holly's bed.  She has become the protector of "her humans" when the other dogs are around.  She takes protecting her humans very seriously, and even stood over our son Zach when he was lying on the ground playing with the dogs.  She was attempting to guard him to make sure the others couldn't get to him.  She will go out of her way to put herself between any of us and the other dogs and then growl at them whenever we are outside with them. 

Update 2018:  After 5 litters, Nadia is now retired.  She was a great mother despite all of her own physical limitations. She is now living out her years here at the farm as a pet.


Name:  Nadia – No namesake, but simply a name we all liked

Born:  11/22/2012

Weight:  40 lbs.

Color:  Black, Gray, and White

Eyes:  Blue

Pedigree:  AKC Purebred Siberian Husky

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