Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision seems as simple as this...To allow others to enjoy this wonderful breed!

However, it goes much deeper than that.  Our intent from the very beginning was to create a family environment.  Not only for our own huskies, but for ALL of the puppies we breed, raise, and sell; as well as their new families.  Once you become part of the Frosty Meadow Family, you will always be treated as such.  Our hope is that all of our puppy owners remain in contact, contribute pictures, join our Facebook group, and attend our annual reunion.  The photo above (and at the top of every page) shows our 2016 reunion attendees.  (At least most of them)  Every year, the number grows as more and more people are learning about the best breed on the planet. 

As we continue to grow from a family to a community, our visions for the future include continued growth to keep up with demand while NOT compromising the health and well-being of our huskies, continuous improvement of the facilities, more frequent blog updates, and perhaps even a weekly conference call for open conversation about huskies.