Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio


Like I mentioned with Miya, we decided to expand the pack in 2010, and found Miya and her sister Peyton.  They both came to us around Christmas of 2010.  While Miya has the ice blue eyes, Peyton had deep brown eyes.  It was quite a noticeable contrast from the start.  The other big difference was the personality.  Miya seemed more playful, and Peyton seemed more relaxed.  As a puppy, she was more content on your lap than anywhere else.  As she grew older, she opened up and played well with the others, but still seemed to be more mellow than the rest.  She was not “standoffish” like Demon, but rather simply more relaxed than most.

In a very unfortunate incident last year, two days before Christmas, Peyton and three others were able to open their stall door when it was not properly latched.  They were all out running and we were totally unaware.  We received a knock on the door from a gentleman informing us that he had hit Peyton with his truck.  We ran out and were able to corral the other three (Holly, Demon, and Aleu), but discovered that Peyton had died from her injuries.  It was a monumental blow to us!  We are grateful to the man for informing us, because we were able to then save the other three.  He felt very bad, but we know there was nothing he could do.  It was dark and they darted out in front of him on a busy road.  Luckily, only one was struck.

Like Brutus, Daisie, & Sheba, Peyton will always live on in our memory.  She was the mother of only one litter of puppies. (With Denali, including Indy, Isis, Nanook, Kobe, Kaia, and Aspen)  She is greatly missed.

Name:  Peyton – No namesake, but simply a name we all liked

Born:  11-2010

Died: 12-23-2012 (age 2)

Weight:  54 lbs.

Color:  Charcoal Gray and White

Eyes:  Brown

Pedigree:  AKC  Purebred Siberian Husky