Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio


Phoenix is the daughter of Daisie and Denali, born 3-29-14.  After Daisie’s 4th litter, we decided it was time retire her.  While we already have Nadia, we felt we wanted to add another of Daisie’s offspring to our pack.   We chose Phoenix mainly because of the white spot on her back.  She was the only female from that litter with a white spot, and we feel it made her stand out to us.  She is just as feisty and ornery as Nadia, but unlike Nadia, Phoenix is a normal sized Husky.  Phoenix grew to be the size of Daisie, or around 50 lbs.  We chose the name Phoenix, because in mythology the Phoenix is the bird that is “re-born” after rising from its own ashes.  We look at Phoenix as the “re-birth” of Daisie. 

Phoenix looks and acts exactly like her mother, from her moodiness toward other dogs, to her love for human attention.  She is always up front and center when attention is being handed out.  She is very vocal and loves water.  Also, like Daisie, Phoenix likes to talk with a high pitched howl.

Name:  Phoenix -- Named for the Mythological bird that is re-born from its own ashes.

Born:  3/29/2014

Weight:  48 lbs.

Color:  Black and White

Eyes:  Blue

Pedigree:  AKC Purebred Siberian Husky

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