Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio

Siberian Husky Puppy FAQ’s

Q.) Do you house train the puppies?

A.) We do not house train them per se, but we do however “area” train them as best as we can.  It’s important to understand that until they are about five weeks old, they are virtually impossible to train.  When they reach that age, we attempt to teach them to potty in only certain areas.  The first step in potty training is to teach them that there are areas to go, and areas not to go.  This works out well for some, but not as well for others.  When they get to their new home, the new atmosphere many times makes them forget.  Be it the unfamiliar areas or the fact that they are separated from their pack mates, they may get confused.  Therefore it is important to teach them immediately what the “potty areas” are and aren’t.

We cannot predict our success or lack thereof, so we cannot make promises.

Q.) Are the puppies socialized with humans/dogs/other animals?

A.) Yes, our puppies (and adult huskies) are well socialized with humans and other huskies.  From the time they are about 2 weeks old, we allow handling by our children, and that continues through delivery.  At that point, they are almost invariably very playful and well socialized. 

We have cats as well, but there usually is no interaction.   

Q.) Will you take less than the listed price for puppies?

A.) Siberian Husky Puppies are in high demand, and therefore we do not take less than the asking price.  If at any point we decide to lower the price, we will advertise as such, and not go lower than the asking price at that point.


Q.) What is included in the first set of shots?

A.) We administer the standard “6-way” puppy shot, which includes the following:

                   1) Parvovirus

                   2) Distemper

                   3) Adenovirus

                   4) Hepatitis

                   5) Parainfluenza

                   6) Coronavirus

The next set of shots (9, 10, or 11-way) is normally due around a month later.  Contact your veterinarian for specifics.  


Q.) Is the rabies vaccine included?

A.) The rabies vaccination is not included in the first set of shots.  Normally it is administered a few months later.  Contact your veterinarian for specifics about when the rabies shot should be administered.


Q.) What worm medication is used?

A.) Our worming routine begins at around 2 weeks, and then weekly until 7 weeks of age.  We give them 3 separate medications at separate times.  We always recommend you have the puppy tested by your veterinarian within a week to 10 days to be certain they are clean.


Q.) What food do you give the puppies?

A.) Our feeding routine varies from litter to litter, depending on the size of the litter.  In the case of a smaller litter, (1-5 puppies) they remain on mother’s milk through 5 weeks, with weaning beginning at 4 weeks.  For larger litters, (6 or more) we begin to wean them at 3 weeks.  This is because on larger litters, the mother has trouble keeping up with milk demand.  Either way, during the lactation period the mother is given a steady healthy diet of beef liver and beef heart to ensure proper nutrition.  The mother also has access to kibble as she needs it.  The first week of the weaning period, (two weeks for larger litters) we give them a high quality canned food.  (4-Health, Taste of the Wild, etc) After 5 weeks, they are weaned from the mother and begin their diet of kibble.  (We will mix canned and kibble for a few meals to help transition)  The kibble we give them is Diamond brand puppy food.  This is a high quality kibble, which we feel is a very good brand.  We give a baggy to the new family to start or transition to your brand.


Q.) Do you give the puppies a bath?

A.) We do give the bathe the puppies as needed, and also one final bathing before they are picked up to go to their new home. 

Q.) At what point are the puppies ready to go?

A.) This is a very common question, and the answer varies from person to person.  Literally.  Physically, the puppies are ready to go at six weeks, as long as they’ve had all their shots, been de-wormed, and have had their veterinarian physical.  However, many agree that the next 2 weeks are critical in their mental/emotional development.  Here at Frosty Meadow Farms, we believe around 8 weeks is best.  We have, with success, let some go earlier, but after much research decided that 8 weeks is best.  Our own research and feedback has shown extensively that puppies are more difficult to housebreak and train when held for much longer than 8 weeks.  Our thoughts are simply that bad habits can set in if we wait too long, and it's tougher to break them of these bad habits.