Frosty Meadow Husky Farm, Fletcher, Ohio

Rosebud (Rose) 

Rose came to us in the spring of 2012, all the way from northern Michigan.  A musher contacted us inquiring on one of Daisie and Denali’s January 2012 litter, wanting an all-white male.  After a discussion with the individuals, realized they were also breeders that bred their huskies to keep for racing and also to sell.  We were both looking to expand our packs, and after we realized they had puppies to sell as well, we agreed to simply exchange puppies.  Like Miya, Rose has a personality that can be sweet and friendly one day, and more aggressive on a different day.  She has taken to Kallen very well, and the two of them love to be the ones that “welcome” any newcomers to the playground.  Both Nadia and Chance have had to deal with Rose and Kallen’s onslaught.   Rose is very sweet to humans, and to other dogs when she wants to be.  She will let others know when she does not want to be bothered.  She is a water nut, and lives for the pool especially on the warmer days.  She and Kallen continue to have a special bond and do well together when in the barn.

Update 2018:  We retired Rose after 7 litters.  She was a great mother!  She is now living out her years here at the farm as a pet.


Name:  Rosebud (Rose) – Named in memory of our old beagle from several years ago.

Born:  2/2012

Weight:  47 lbs.

Color:  Red and White

Eyes:  Blue

Pedigree:  AKC Purebred Siberian Husky

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